Making Your Submissions Exceptional

"Having worked with Joy in the past, I can heartily recommend both her integrity and her literary skills. As a person, she is delightfully helpful; as a writer she is clear and penetrating; and as a proofreader, Joy has the ability to immerse herself in her work with surgical precision."

--Margaret Madden, professional proofreader

"I've known and worked with Joy for years.Her attention to detail is impeccable, and her eye for catching hard-to-see mistakes is unwavering.It is just about impossible to proof your own work.I would trust Joy with my precious written words and be confident that when she was finished, my manuscript would be ready to go!"

--Candace Carrabus Rice, freelance writer

"I write a grammar column for our local writer's guild newsletter, but when it comes to someone having my back, grammatically speaking, I turn to Joy. Nothing gets past this woman!"

--Amy Harke-Moore, freelance writer and editor

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